Ahoy, Hello and Welcome!!

Ahoy, Hello and Welcome

Ahoy, Hello and Welcome to Sailing Vessel (SV) Banjo. We would like to invite you to follow along on our voyages and adventures sailing and cruising.

New Beginnings

This first post has been a long time coming. So much has happened, and happened really quickly. We simply haven’t had time to slow down enough to put together posts of our experience. Luckily, things appear to be starting to stabilize (yes, our world flipped upside down in the greatest of ways) and we have been fortunate to have been named as Banjo’s “new people.” We are very excited and feel that finding Banjo has helped us both realize a dream we have shared for more years than we can count. We look forward to sharing our travels and adventures with you! S&S

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  1. Sharon Hudson

    Love this blog…..love you both!!!

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