Offshore Charleston, SC to New Bern, NC part 1

Leaving Charleston SC

After docking in Charleston, SC for about a week at the Cooper River Marina, and eager to start our second offshore sailing adventure.  We hired a delivery captain that would help us get to New Bern, NC safely.  Although I had a lot of offshore sea time in the Navy, I was never the one driving the boat.  And there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  Needless to say, neither Shannon nor I had the experience to take Banjo outside into the great big ocean by ourselves…

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Offshore Sailing with Dolphins: June 2017

Offshore Sailing with Dolphins

Offshore Sailing with Dolphins On the second day of our second offshore sailing passage, SV Banjo was, without warning, surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  Shannon was the first to notice our visitors.  We saw dolphins on every trip away from the docks until now, and this experience set the bar even higher.  SV Banjo was on her second offshore passage since Shannon & Shawn became her “new people.”  Her position was just off of the North Carolina Coast between Myrtle Beach, SC and  SouthPort, NC.  Mid-day, without warning, we…

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