Offshore Sailing with Dolphins: June 2017

Offshore Sailing with Dolphins
Offshore Sailing with Dolphins

On the second day of our second offshore sailing passage, SV Banjo was, without warning, surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  Shannon was the first to notice our visitors.  We saw dolphins on every trip away from the docks until now, and this experience set the bar even higher.  SV Banjo was on her second offshore passage since Shannon & Shawn became her “new people.”  Her position was just off of the North Carolina Coast between Myrtle Beach, SC and  SouthPort, NC.  Mid-day, without warning, we were suddenly surrounded by an entire pod of dolphins.  They swam with us and played in banjo’s bow wake for quite some time.  The pod swam and danced alongside SV Banjo to our amazement.

Our first experiences with dolphins were in the confines of the Bay in Brunswick, Ga.  While those experiences were thrilling, they were nothing compared to this.

Shannon and I shared in the thrill of this new life experience.  As a result, I was able to go forward to the bow and capture this footage.  It isn’t everyday that a pod of dolphins suddenly surrounds your boat and decides to swim alongside.  Banjo, apparently, gives good bow wake.

Suddenly, they were gone.  Most likely, they found food while traveling with SV Banjo and diverted away to eat.

We were fortunate to capture this footage of the episode and we hope you enjoy.  For more offshore sailing adventures, please visit and read our other articles.



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