An Obi

Can’t Believe We Had To Say Goodbye

I never thought I would miss him like this, but I do.  WE do.  Obi was a great puppy and, although a bit neurotic, he was SUCH a fantastic dog… such a great friend!  Recent events forced us to have to say goodbye to an old friend, Obi.

We laid to rest Obi-Wan, on Friday past, and it literally broke the both of us.  Of all the pups, we assumed he would be the strongest and be the most able to adapt.  Due to his inquisitive, and friendly-nature, we assumed, we would have embraced our new life beyond that of any of the other puppies.

The Downfall

After having not eaten in a week, and barely consumed any water at all, we watched him sleep.  And with his shallow, and labored breathing, we simply could not, in good conscience, bear to watch him suffer any longer.  He probably would have “existed” for some time to come, moment by moment, but we just couldn’t bear to watch him wither away.  Neither of us could bear to see him suffer.  We owed him “better” than that.  Watching him in that state would have only been due to one thing, our selfishness.  And we could not stand to be selfish, not now, not with this.

Such a good boy.

Shannon and I discussed, at length, the prognosis, with the vet and he had nothing he could offer in the way of hope, or solace.  “‘End-of-life’ renal failure”, he said, “and nothing more.”    With all the might of modern science, and all the prayers in the world, we were only looking to extend his like by a few weeks, or maybe a couple of months.  And even those would be broken, and full of suffering and torment.

The Toughest Decision

With our deepest regrets. tears, and with our hearts in tatters, we made the decision to spare him of any further pain or suffering.  We knew we were going to have to say goodbye.  He would have probably been content to have stayed in that state, but we loved him way too much for that.

We are broken, even today.  It was not an easy decision, I assure you.  We continue to shed tears.  Our hearts were fractured, and they remain so even now.

Obi, you are forever a member of our Banjo Crew, and you are forever in our hearts.  Watch over us from above and keep up smiling and at peace.  We loved you for so many years, and we hope you will share our love with Cocoa, Missy, and Storm.

You will always be our very good boy, and we miss you terribly.  Thank you for being SUCH a great companion, and SUCH a balancing force in our family throughout the many year you blessed us and called us “family.”  We LOVE you so much!  We ache, and we are in sorrow… and we feel your absence.  We love you so much, sweet boy.  Your wonderful smile will never be forgotten.  We will never forget anything at all about you.  Goodbye, fair winds and following seas.  I miss you buddy, and Shannon misses you… more than you might ever have known.  We love you.

goodbye Obi.  We love you.

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2 Thoughts to “An Obi”

  1. Mike

    Eloquently expressed my friend. Our thoughts and hearts are with you in your time of sadness and emptiness. May your memories comfort you while you sail the waters with Obi watching over your Journey. Peace and love- Michael and Heidi

  2. Bud

    Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes remembering our “good boys”.

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