Finally Fall

Finally Fall: Life Aboard SV Banjo

We have been hiding from the heat all summer and there has finally been a change in the air. Our days have been beautiful the past week and it is finally fall.  And we have even been able to leave the hatches and port-lights open during the day and night.

We have engaged in a few new projects over the past month or so including the replacement of our house fresh-water pump diaphragm.  Also, we exercised our thru-hull valves, and did a fresh-water cycle of our water-maker.  Fresh-water cycling prevents bacteria from building up and destroying our water-maker reverse-osmosis membrane.  Cycling is performed every week when the water-maker is not in use and is not pickled.   In addition, we ordered the replacement ignition box for our stove.  We spent time checking fluid levels, cleaning and doing some organizing.

There are never have enough hours in the day for everything needing to be done.  This is a common problem for people everywhere.  But being aboard drastically changes ones perspective on what is worthy of stress and what is not.

Finally Fall sunset aboard SV Banjo

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