An Early Morning Reflection: Waking to the calm of boat life

Starboard port light
Random Early Morning

I awoke early to the dim morning sky barely visible through our stateroom hatch and screen netting to a gentle bob and sway and the soft rhythmic flow of Shannon’s sleeping breath.  The feeling of an early morning reflection is looming.  A single walking star, visible only against the background that lightened from a deep blue to a powdery sky blue, reminds me of the turning of the world.  I watch until it fades into that background, surrounded and overpowered by the reflection of our radiant sun, each moment brighter than the last.  The powdery blue changes again and again, adding occasional patches of darkness as rain clouds pass my view.  The light is constantly changing, both in hue and in luminance.  It is mesmerizing.

Sleeping with open port-lights and hatches reconnects us to nature all around.  We are no longer simply watching the scenery, we become a part of it.  The morning air has cooled and the only cue of wind is given by the slight wiggling of the port-light curtains.

Living in the moment

We take our days as they present themselves.  I find myself content to simply observe and feel and LIVE in THIS moment.  Whether those moments be dry or wet, stable or heeled, hot or cool, we are constantly reminded to be grateful.  And to be able to experience this life and all of the raw beauty surrounding us as it happens.  We are grateful for the small things so many take for granted.  Things that some even overlook entirely in a rush to get “something else” or be “somewhere else.”

A mid-summer storm

Last night, I walked the docks to the lounge.  Far off in the distance to the eastern horizon, I could see momentary electric sparks arcing.   Against the pitch-black backdrop of the night sky several cells of thunderstorms ignited.  Above Banjo, however, was a cloudless night, a crescent moon and faintly twinkling stars.  “How fortunate we are,” I thought to myself, “that we can be here to witness the night sky above us and the storm on the horizon.  And to have this experience while feeling no longing to be somewhere ‘else.'”

The desire to be “fully present” in each moment was one factor which drove me to follow this path and to be relentless in its achievement.  It was, and is, crucial to strip away all of that which truly doesn’t matter so that I can more fully appreciate all of that which does.

I can’t help but grin.  The sun comes over the horizon and Banjo begins to glow again, in perfect color and focus.

Its time to scoot over and cuddle with my Beautiful Bride for a few more minutes.  And to enjoy this cool morning air until its time to go to work.  Thank you for reading.

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