29 Seconds Overlooking the Trent River at Sunset

Sunset over the Trent River in New Bern, NC 2017-Nov-01
29 Seconds of sunset video footage

Took this beautiful 29 seconds of sunset video footage tonight overlooking the Trent River in New Bern, NC.  The railroad trestle and bridge are visible in the foreground as well as the Trent River Bridge in the background.  The weather today was in the mid-70’s and perfect.  We don’t know about y’all, but we could watch this video on loop all night.

The original video is much longer and we are limited to our upload size.  We added this and other videos to our YouTube page.

Recent changes aboard Banjo

We finally moved our portable air conditioner off the boat and into storage.  It has been cool most nights for the last two weeks and we are hoping the cooler nighttime weather continues so we can continue to leave our hatches and port lights open and enjoy the fresh air and calm, quiet sounds of the water lapping against the boat.

Listening to the quiet is one of our favorite things.  There is the gentle lapping of waves as they kiss Banjo.  Occasionally we get some slapping sounds through the hull.  But those are rare in this marina.  We are getting antsy.  The call of moving the boat is upon us.  The time to begin traveling to new, unexplored destinations is quickly approaching.  We are ready.  Cruisers will tell you, the only way you will ever go is to go, now.  If you wait to “be ready,” the likelihood of actually leaving dwindles.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!

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