Shannon’s New Drink: Whipped Chata Butter

Shannon’s New Boat Drink, Whipped Chata Butter Shannon is notorious for creating new boat drinks.   This time she invented, yet another, new boat drink which was REALLY good.  We nicknamed Shannon’s New Boat Drink, Whipped Chata Butter.  First of all, it is equal parts Whipped Vodka, Rum Chata and Buttershots.  But most of all, the drinks were dangerously delicious and easy to lose count of the number of shots consumed!!! As always, please consume adult beverages responsibly and in moderation. Read More of our food and drink explorations in our…

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Another Issue with the House Water Pump

Shurflo Extreme 5.7 Smart Sensor Pump

Backstory A couple months ago we noticed a small leak in our SHURflo Extreme 5.7 Smart Sensor Fresh Water Pump 12VDC, so we removed the pump to have a look and, after disassembling the unit, discovered that there was a small hole in the pump diaphragm. Our SHURflo failed.  Pumps dont last forever.  For that matter nothing on a boat does.  So we jumped online to research options and found the replacement part numbers on SHURflo’s Website.  We were looking forward to having proper replacement parts.  Little did we know,…

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