String Frost Song: Feedback? Comments?

Seeking Feedback on String Frost Song

We were hoping to get some feedback on this little tune.  It is called String Frost Song.  I created the String Frost song today and wanted to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback.  Any thoughts at all would be great.  We are kicking around ideas for a theme song for our videos.

We have a bunch of other candidates on my computer and those will be uploaded soon.

Thanks for your help!


Although we like this little ditty, we made the decision that it is a little too slow to be used as our lead in song.  We have created another song that we think is more enjoyable and we will have that one out soon.

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2 Thoughts to “String Frost Song: Feedback? Comments?”

  1. Robert M. Castro

    Hey dude,

    So it sounds like a track from a TV Drama. I like the concept but the tune is too trebley for my taste.

    1. Sailor

      Thanks for the feedback!! After listening a few more times, although we liked it, it was a little too slow to use as a lead-in for the videos so we are going to come up with something a little more “energetic.” 🙂

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