2017 Thanksgiving Sunset Video New Bern

2017 Thanksgiving Sunset

As promised, we wanted to share this spectacular sight with each of you.  This 2017 Thanksgiving Sunset Video was beautiful and reminded us of how fortunate we are and all we have to be grateful for.   Please forgive the quality of the audio.  We are still learning and working through the bugs of video production.  As mentioned in our pictures post about this particular sunset, we wanted to upload the video that went with it.  Pictures just did not capture the beauty of this majestic sunset.

The video is mostly quiet and that was intentional.  There is something calming to each of us about quieting “the world” and just standing in awe to watch.  Thank you for following our blog, reaching out to become friends on Facebook, and watching our videos.  You are the reason we want to share these experiences.

As always, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, and YouTube.  We enjoy creating these pictures and videos for your entertainment and inspiration.


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