Five Bean Turkey Chili Night on a Chilly Night

Five Bean Turkey Chili

Five Bean Turkey Chili: Introduction

Few foods satisfy on a cold night like a hot bowl of Five Bean Turkey Chili served with sour cream, cheese and a few corn or tortilla chips.  Tonight, in the aftermath of the frigid temperatures from Bomb Cyclone Grayson, we were both hungry, and we both thought Five Bean Turkey Chili sounded like it would hit the spot. Everyone has their own recipe for chili, and I am no different. Typically I shoot more for the fullness of a balanced flavor, rather than just sheer blistering heat. Although this chili is medium spicy, it leaves your taste buds intact and un-scorched so you can enjoy another bowl.

One of my favorite ingredients to add to chili is some form of diced smoked sausage.  For this recipe, I decided on a Turkey Kielbasa cut into large chunks.  The remaining ingredients and steps are listed below.


Dry Beans: Dark Red Kidney Beans, Light Red Kidney Beans, Northern Beans, Black Beans, Cannellini Beans
Diced Tomatoes
White Onion (1 medium)
Chopped Garlic
Jalapenos (also consider habanero, poblano, & serrano peppers to taste)
Green Chili
Turkey Polska Kielbasa
Ground Turkey

  1. Prepare the dry beans in the pressure cooker.  Cook till tender.  Set aside.
  2. Dice all ingredients
  3. Brown the ground turkey in large stock pot.
  4. Add Onion, tomatillos, garlic, jalapeno, green chili, mushrooms, kielbasa to browned turkey.
  5. Add 1 beer.
  6. Simmer a bit.
  7. Add spices to taste.
  8. Add tomatoes and beans.
  9. Spice a little more.
  10. Cook until tomatillos are tender.
  11. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and cheese.  Corn or tortilla chips, and/or corn bread are also a great additions.
Action Photos
Ingredients for Five Bean Turkey Chili
Five Bean Turkey Chili Ready

Bon Appetite!

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