Froli Sleep System Review & Installation

Froli Sleep System Review

This article is our Froli Sleep System Review and installation experience.

During the winter storm last week, we discovered that cold-weather condensation is an issue in our cabin.  Afterwards, we got online and did some research to find ways other boaters have mitigated the problem.  One such solution, introduced by our friend, Lee on E’Toile De Mer, was the Froli Sleep System.  This nifty example of German Engineering is made up of a combination of inter-locking plastic base templates.  To each template, a molded plastic “spring” is then locked into place which creates a mattress spring.  According to reviews, the Froli Sleep System aided drastically in the reduction of stateroom condensation by creating an elevated air gap under the mattress.  Also, the springs, reportedly, improve mattress comfort contributing to a better nights sleep.

Our solution

We decided to give the Froli “Star” Sleep System a try.  As is the case with many boats, the bed in our cabin is not a standard size and is fitted to Banjo.  The result is that we have enough room to sleep four in our cabin, but most “off the shelf” products do not really work.  Even our sheets either do not fit and have to be put on in imaginative ways, like bunching the corners, or we have to use custom sewn sheets in the shape of the mattress.

Froli Sleep System Froli Sleep System

Our berth resembles a rounded, upside-down “A” made up of two form mattresses that meet at the boat’s center-line.  So, we took measurements of the height and width of each section as best we could.  Each section measured approximately 76″ x 56,” but the angles of the mattresses made calculation using a traditional rectangular pattern a challenge.  According to our calculations, we estimated that we would need two of the Queen-sized units in order to cover the mattress area.  We figured any additional springs could be placed in our forward berth.

Customer Service And Delivery

We placed a call to the company.  On the phone, the Froli Sleep System Representative, Elke with Nickel Atlantic, was incredibly polite and helpful.  Shannon relayed the measurements and she recommended an order of two Double-sized units.  Her recommendation translated into a significant cost savings to us, and the two Double-sized units would be ample for our needs with some pieces left over for backup.  Additionally, she gave us the trade show price for each unit and free shipping.  The total cost was $560 and would take 2-4 days for delivery.  Thank you Elke for a fantastic ordering experience.

Our order arrived yesterday. We worked eagerly to get the system installed ahead of some anticipated cold weather.  The delivery consisted of two large boxes containing one double-sized system in each box.  Inside each were two more boxes containing the pieces for the system.  The system is very intuitive and well packaged.  Inside the box were instructions, the white base pieces, purple springs, light blue “soft” springs and red extra-tension pieces.

Froli Sleep System


We set to work clearing out our cabin and sanitizing the bed platform with vinegar since the sheets underneath were soaking wet.  Once the mattresses were removed and stacked in the cockpit, we experimented with various arrangements before settling on using the smallest spacing.  Each piece in the template would allow for small, medium or large spacing between springs.  This design would, in theory, allow for a virtually unlimited accommodation of bed shapes, sizes and support tensions.

It took about 20 minutes of trial and error before we made the decision to go with the smallest spacing to provide the greatest coverage and support for our particular bed.  Additionally, because we have lockers under our berth, we also experimented with dividing the arrangement into panels which would allow easier access.  Once we had our plan, we began snapping the bases together and building the framework of our new support.  The pieces connect together easily.  Each base piece is stamped with an orientation arrow which makes it easy to keep everything going in the same direction.


Once the base template was down, it only took a matter of minutes to twist on the purple and light blue springs.

Settling In

After the Froli Sleep System was fully assembled, we had 1 full box of left-over pieces.  This should be enough to do a portion of our forward berth, or we may keep the pieces in case we have any that break.  We replaced our mattresses and both jumped in to try out the fit.  We feel more spring in the bed.  And the system adds comfort.  Shannon and I prefer a softer bed so we elected to sleep on the system a few nights before attempting to add the extra-tension snaps.  The springs raised our mattress by about 2 inches.  Sliding a hand underneath the mattresses, we felt a solid air gap, even in the places we were laying.  This will definitely promote air circulation to help avoid the condensation issues.

Froli Sleep System
Leftover Pieces

First Night

We both slept well last night.  Although it wasn’t as cold as last week, I checked several times and felt absolutely no moisture under the mattresses.  We will check this again during the expected cold weather in the coming week.

Initial Review

We are enjoying the Froli Sleep System so far.  It does exactly what it says it does.  The design is quite ingenious, but easy to install and fit to various shapes and sizes.  I love when products are well thought out and inventive.  The additional support adds comfort.  We thrill at the idea of reducing ventilation issues in our cabin.  We will provide an update to this post after we have spent a few more nights on it.  As of this moment, we rate the Froli Sleep System Review 5 out of 5 stars!

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6 Thoughts to “Froli Sleep System Review & Installation”

  1. Elaine Alderman

    Great review. I’m looking forward to hearing how things go with the upcoming cold snap.

  2. We too have haf condensation problems under our mattress. Very interesting review. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sailor

      It was our pleasure! We hope it helped 🙂

  3. Kim

    We added Troll for the same reason. And since our berth also is used for storage, we put them together in mats and then attached the mats to the access lids. That way they move with the kids and easier. Great producr.

    1. Sailor

      Yep great idea and we did something similar! Under the mattress, we had one large section of connected pieces and then left the under-mattress lockers as individual panels for easy lifting/removal. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Dave

    You mention that your mattresses are foam. How thick are they? You suggest that your beds now feel softer due to the new product installation. We have limited headroom in our forward berth and are reluctant to add much height but we do need softer mattresses than out current 4″ thick ones. This product may be an alternative to purchasing and upholstering new ones.

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