Week of 2018Jan15: Cold with Rain & Snow on the way, Sushi and Boat Projects

Week of 2018Jan15 We shared a nice weekend and enjoyed the week of 2018Jan15.  Temperatures started to drop last weekend, but were tolerable.  We had a few days of overcast and rain but today was rather nice.  It was chilly, but not frigid… except maybe this am due to the wind.  But as the weekend progressed, it warmed up nicely.  Standing water in the area is frozen each morning when we take the pups for a walk.  Usually, however, the ice is melted by lunchtime. Anchor Chain Arrives We placed…

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Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookie

What is Butterscotch? I’ve never really pondered that question until now, but what exactly is Butterscotch?  I’ve never made butterscotch, so I couldn’t tell you how to make it.  I mean, does it actually have scotch in it?  I decided to find out the answer to that question. According to my research, butterscotch is actually made by heating brown sugar, and butter.  However, some recipes also call for the addition of vanilla, heavy cream, or eggs.  So, I understand where the word butter comes from in butterscotch, but what about…

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Night Fog Photos: A Dark and Foggy Night on The Docks

Night Fog Photos We experienced a rare occurrence last night when stepping off of Banjo.  The humidity was around 85% and the temperature cooled after sunset enough to allow us some night fog photos.  We are including some of those night fog photos for your viewing enjoyment. Settings These shots were made in three main groups depending on which lens used to capture them.  The first group used the 18-55mm f/4-5.6 kit lens that came with our Canon SL2.  I played around with various settings and found that some pretty…

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Froli Sleep System Review & Installation

Froli Sleep System Review This article is our Froli Sleep System Review and installation experience. During the winter storm last week, we discovered that cold-weather condensation is an issue in our cabin.  Afterwards, we got online and did some research to find ways other boaters have mitigated the problem.  One such solution, introduced by our friend, Lee on E’Toile De Mer, was the Froli Sleep System.  This nifty example of German Engineering is made up of a combination of inter-locking plastic base templates.  To each template, a molded plastic “spring”…

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Chilly Temperatures: The Week After The Storm

Chilly Temperatures. Chilly? Cold! We spent the last seven days huddled below decks following the chilly temperatures of Bomb Cyclone Grayson.  We posted our preparation for the storm and the ice/snow it brought in this post.  Immediately following the storm, the temperatures seemed to hover in the mid-twenties at the marina.  The forecast, however, predicted that the temperatures for last weekend would be bitter.  They were.  We saw those mid-twenties plummet into single digits both Saturday and Sunday last.  Factoring in the wind chill, we experienced -4℉ (-20℃). Banjo Gets…

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Five Bean Turkey Chili Night on a Chilly Night

Five Bean Turkey Chili

Five Bean Turkey Chili: Introduction Few foods satisfy on a cold night like a hot bowl of Five Bean Turkey Chili served with sour cream, cheese and a few corn or tortilla chips.  Tonight, in the aftermath of the frigid temperatures from Bomb Cyclone Grayson, we were both hungry, and we both thought Five Bean Turkey Chili sounded like it would hit the spot. Everyone has their own recipe for chili, and I am no different. Typically I shoot more for the fullness of a balanced flavor, rather than just…

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