Season 1- Episode 2: Getting Banjo

Getting Banjo
Getting Banjo

We have uploaded our second story-line episode named Getting Banjo to YouTube and Patreon.  In this episode, with a LOT of help from some dear friends, we get all of our stuff moved out of the house at Lake Norman.  We whittle down more of our junk.  Also, we find out that we closed on Banjo.

After a seven hour drive back to Brunswick, we spend our first night aboard.  Then spend a couple days loading all of our stuff, and have a few boat  drinks.  Shawn is caught in a torrential downpour.  We juggle some schedules and are fortunate to have some friends volunteer to help us move Banjo.  Also, we make our first offshore passage from Brunswick, Ga to Charleston, SC consisting of a single overnight sail/motor sail.  Our total time for the passage was approximately 29 hours.

We want to thank everyone that helped make this dream a reality, but especially all those mentioned in the video’s ending credits.

We absolutely could not have done any of this without you!  And we love you dearly!

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Getting Banjo

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