Part 1: B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina in New Bern NC after Hurricane Florence

B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina after Hurricane Florence

Extensive damage to B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina New Bern NC after Hurricane Florence. This video shows debris at the conference hall of the hotel, and the first portion of B-dock.  Marina Staff requested that we share this footage. They show the state of the marina and some of the extent of damage. The docks are not currently safe and could continue to shift.  The dockmaster has asked people not try to access their boats or the docks. While we are saddened by the destruction of the docks and the loss of boats, we are so happy and grateful that no one in our marina or other local marinas, were hurt.

A special recognition is needed for our Dockmaster, Jesse, and Brian, Charlie, and Frank who tended the marina during the storm. They remained vigilant at personal risk to themselves in order to prevent injury and destruction of property. Thank you guys for all that you did!

We will continue to post videos from the marina both before, during and after Hurricane Florence. Also, photos are being posted for owners to use for insurance purposes. Please contact us if you do not find what need here. Additional information is being provided by the marina personnel as it becomes available. Please do not access the docks until given the “All-Clear” by the Dockmaster.

Continue checking back on our blog as uploads will be forthcoming. Additional video footage can be found on our YouTube Channel in the Hurricane Florence playlist.

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