Banjo’s Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

Last Thursday was a “Thirsty Thursday” kind of day aboard Banjo.  I suppose Thirsty Thursday can take many forms.  This Thirsty Thursday’s line up was a bath, about 100 gallons of water, wine AND champagne.

Bath Time

We started out the day with a bath for Banjo.  Since we knew we were planning on filling the water tank Shawn jumped in the dink and gave Banjo girl a much-needed bath.  So fresh, so clean, so happy!

100 Gallons of Water

Although Banjo was a fresh, clean, and happy girl she was a thirsty girl.  She still had about 100 gallons left in her 200 gallon water tank, but we wanted to take the opportunity to head up the Neuse to the Galley Stores and Marina and fill her up.  Once we stowed everything below, it was time to aweigh anchor and start heading out of our little cove.  Our cove neighbors aboard SV Aquinnah headed out just ahead of us.  It was a nice overcast day with very little breeze which is nice for docking, but not ideal for sailing.  No worries though, we still enjoy any time shared with our “Good Girl” Banjo.

Galley Stores and Marina

We were greeted with a warm smile, skilled hand, and the whimsical spirit of Stan from Galley Stores and Marina.  Thank you, Stan, for all of your help and for the comic relief!  I totally neglected to get pictures from the Galley Stores and Marina. 😥 It’s a great little convenience store complete with a nice selection of local goodies and WINE. Did I mention WINE?!?! 😆  We filled up Banjo’s water tank, took the girls for a walk around the marina, and headed back down the Neuse to our little “Karaoke Cove.”

Karaoke Cove

We’ve been living on the hook (at anchor) for almost a month now (since Hurricane Florence) in a little cove that our fantabulously fun cove neighbors aboard SV Aquinnah nicknamed “Karaoke Cove.”  How did this nickname come about you ask?  Well, the Aquinnah and Banjo crews often speak in song lyrics.  It’s quite hilarious and so much fun!

Karaoke Cove Salmon Dinner, Wine and Champagne

We rounded out our “Thirsty Thursday” sharing a bottle of Prosecco and Champagne with our Karaoke Cove neighbors Jordan, Kylee, and James.  Jordan prepared a delicious dish of blackened cedar plank salmon and zucchini, paired with broccoli and carrot rice.  It was the perfect close to a perfect day.  The pictures below simply do not depict the lovely day we enjoyed with our new friends Jordan, Kylee, and James.  We are looking forward to many more adventures with SV Aquinnah crew or “nerd trio” as lovingly I call them. 😀


Banjo Bath Time
Banjo bath time

Karaoke Cove
Karaoke Cove

Karaoke Cove
Heading out of Karaoke Cove

Banjo's Captain
Banjo’s Captain…contrary to his shirt, he was not in a “Rush” 😛

SV Aquinnah
SV Aquinnah up ahead

SV Aquinnah
Wait for us SV Aquinnah! 🙂

Duck Creek
Heading out of Karaoke Cove

Beautiful New Bern sunset

SV Aquinnah and SV Banjo
A perfect close to a wonderful day!  SV Aquinnah and SV Banjo

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