Early Morning Nature: Orion Looking Down Upon Us

Awoke at 04:30, stepped into the cockpit, and lifted my eyes.  The cove is glass-smooth and the winds becalmed.  Nature all around, allowing us to observe this moment and experience with minimal filtration:  peaceful, still and quiet.  Above, countless glints of starlight speckle the darkness.  An infinity there, this sky has witnessed our entire history.

Orion in nature

Orion is hovering directly above Banjo, slightly to starboard.  I have missed you old friend.

Nature in the heavens

Of late, the friction within our species seems to be intensifying and accelerating.  In all directions, people seem convinced of their own superiority over nature.  On radio waves, and television signals, on social media and posters, people project their views, their politics, and their religions with hatred, bitterness, intolerance and deceit.  Moreover, spewing opinions without contemplation or substance seems to be the fashion of the day.  Shouldn’t we take more time?  To truly listen, study, contemplate, reflect, and then try to understand each other?

Nature in the heavens

Here in this early morning air, I am reminded of how trivial and insignificant those quibbles truly are.  In this quiet little spot, unseen and unread by most, under this sky, I am comforted.  The world is not as it appears.  I accept it as it is, with gratitude.  Oh, how we have created marvelous decorations to distract ourselves.

Those that have suffered loss will know how quickly the illusions of life fall away.  In a split second, everything true is revealed.  Indeed, we are often blinded by the realization of our place in nature.  “It can’t happen to me,” unfortunately, often does.  Therefore, we find our fallacies stripped away in a single instant, by disaster, illness, or even a simple, momentary lapse in focus.

Nature in the early morning

Be present.  And be humble.  Most of all, be considerate.

Daylight will arrive soon.

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