Three Boat Flotilla, 1 Mantus Anchor, and 30 Knots of wind

Three boats, One Mantus

Yesterday, we had a couple friends come into the cove to visit.  The conditions were calm, so our friends rafted up to Banjo creating a cool three boat flotilla to spend a nice Saturday night.  Around 04:30 this morning, we awoke to significant wind gusts only to remember that we were the only boat anchored of the three.  The wind gusts were in the low-mid 30-knot range.  We found ourselves in the situation of a three boat flotilla all sharing one Mantus anchor.

The specifics of the three boats were as follows:

  • Banjo, a 44-ft CSY displacing 37,500-lbs
  • Hooligan, a 38-ft Catalina displacing 21,000-lbs
  • Scurvy Dogge, a 32-ft Bayfield displacing 12,000-lbs
Banjos Primary Ground Tackle

Banjo’s primary ground tackle consists of the following: an 85-lb Mantus Anchor, a medium-size Mantus Bridle, 250-ft of 3/8″ G4 High-Test Chain, and an additional 100-ft of 3/4″ 3-strand nylon.

We were not expecting the winds, but the Mantus held strong all night long supporting all three boats.  It was amazing to say the least.  Banjo is an affiliate of Mantus because we love their products, but we were not paid to create this video.  We simply wanted to.

Our Mantus Anchor Recommendation

If you are looking at anchors, we can attest to the strength, craftsmanship and quality of the Mantus.  Their reputation was why we purchased ours when we upgraded our ground tackle earlier this year.  After surviving both Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael and now a three boat flotilla in 30 knots winds, its safe to say we are extremely happy with our Mantus Anchor and bridle.  Give them a look if you are in the market.  We highly recommend their products and, feel safe to say, you won’t be disappointed when it really counts.

We hope you enjoy the video.  It was early and the lighting was poor, but we feel confident you can get the jist of our night.  Banjo, now more than ever, worships at the Mantus shrine.

Three boat flotilla, One Mantus Anchor

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