Marine Diesel Repair: Perkins 4.236 Starter Removal, Rebuild and Re-installation

Perkins 4.236 Starter Removal

We recently attempted to start the 85-hp Perkins 4.236 Marine Diesel Engine on Banjo as directed by our hired marine diesel mechanic, Chuck Courtney. (EDIT: 2019Jun25: I was directed to over-crank the engine but not let it start.  Unfortunately, we have since learned this is never a recommended practice, but i didnt know it at the time and followed his instruction.  I was instructed to over-crank anywhere between 7-10 times.  See THIS POST for more information on the full damages incurred and the out-of-pocket cost to fix.) As the engine…

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Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair: Raw Water Pump

Perkins 4.236 Marine Engine Raw Water Pump installation

I received a call from Chuck first thing this morning. He had been thinking about our engine and the possible locations where water could get into the crankcase.  Although the most obvious answer to the problem is a blown head gasket, Chuck made a recommendation to check our raw water pump.  By ruling out the raw water pump first, we could potentially avoid the costly head gasket replacement. What is a Raw Water Pump The raw water pump on Banjo is responsible for pulling sea water into the engine as…

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Hurricane Florence: Early Hours at BridgePointe Marina

Hurricane Florence

Although limited on time and resources, we wanted to get this video out.  Our hope was to show people exactly how fast storm surge can rise. During the initial hours of Hurricane Florence we witnessed several feet of rise over the course of a couple hours.  And those were the early hours. Coupled with wind and rain and the conditions only got worse as the day and night wore on. Please forgive the choppy editing. Video Description In an effort to assist and help our dock-master, several of us volunteered…

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Hurricane Florence: Slow Boat Sailing Interview with SV Banjo Crew

Slow Boat Sailing Interview with SV Banjo

Our home dock is BridgePointe Marina in New Bern, NC, which was hit very hard by the winds and storm surge of Hurricane Florence.  In the days following, we were contacted by Linus Wilson of the Slow Boat Sailing blog.  He wished to discuss our experiences with the storm and our plans aboard Banjo.  Although we are not experienced interviewees, we wanted to share the interview with you.  Also, we are not professional nautical engineers.  Therefore we were unable to comment on some questions.  We did, however, offer our views…

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Duck Creek Marina After Hurricane Florence: Boat Photos

While the Hurricane Florence impacted Duck Creek Marina in New Bern, NC, many sail and power boats were effected by storm surge and winds.  Due to the height of the surge, some vessels floated off of their jack-stands.  The surge height was predicted to be between 9-13 feet.  We were told that the height reached 11 feet.  Some were damaged, others were sat back on Earth once the surge subsided.  As soon as was safe and possible after the storm, the boatyard response at Duck Creek Marina after Hurricane Florence…

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Part 2: B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina in New Bern NC after Hurricane Florence

B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina New Bern NC after Hurricane Florence

Extensive damage to B-Dock at BridgePointe Marina New Bern NC after Hurricane Florence. This video shows debris at the second portion of the B-Dock footage. Marina Staff requested that we share this footage. They show the state of the marina and some of the extent of damage. The docks are not currently safe and could continue to shift. The dockmaster has asked people not try to access their boats or the docks. While we are saddened by the destruction of the docks and the loss of boats, we are so…

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