Beautiful Taswell 43 All Season Raised Salon For Sale in New Bern, NC

Taswell 43 All Season Rasied Salon

Taswell 43 All Season Raised Salon Some friends of ours recently decided to put their beautiful Taswell 43 All Season Raised Salon bluewater cruising yacht up for sale by owner here in New Bern, NC.  Her name is Onward and hails from Vancouver.  We had only come across the Taswell name a few times during our boat search, and never had the opportunity to get aboard one.  So, until now, we really had been unfamiliar with the Taswell, but quickly came to love Onward. Quick Tour Let me tell you,…

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How It All Happened

We had no expectations that this trip would become the story of buying our first sailboat.  Originally, we were down doing a survey and a sea trial on a different boat, a trawler.  Afterwards, neither Shannon nor I were very excited about that particular boat.  Shannon woke up early that next morning, we talked about our experiences and perspectives and decided to pass on the trawler.  Since we had only seen one the boat, we jumped on one of the yacht listing sites and just so happened to notice the…

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Ahoy, Hello and Welcome!!

Ahoy, Hello and Welcome Ahoy, Hello and Welcome to Sailing Vessel (SV) Banjo. We would like to invite you to follow along on our voyages and adventures sailing and cruising. New Beginnings This first post has been a long time coming. So much has happened, and happened really quickly. We simply haven’t had time to slow down enough to put together posts of our experience. Luckily, things appear to be starting to stabilize (yes, our world flipped upside down in the greatest of ways) and we have been fortunate to…

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