Marine Diesel Engine: Banjo’s Full Story

Perkins 4.236 Marine Diesel Engine Lift Pump

It has been some time since we have posted and, as we draw closer to having Banjo’s 85HP Perkins 4.236 marine diesel engine re-install being completed, we have decided to share the full story.  DISCLAIMER Please treat this post as our learning experience, and as a cautionary tale, not as any form of personal attack or bashing.  We realize mistakes happen and sometimes a simple oversight can have disastrous, and expensive consequences.  It is not our intent to speak poorly of anyone, but this IS what happened.  We have elected…

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Perkins 4.236 Marine Engine Mystery Solved

We were fortunate to have had John Deaton from Deatons Yacht Service, come aboard Banjo and perform an inspection of our Perkins marine engine. Shannon and I have been nervous since discovering a problem with Banjo’s engine.  Since, we have been actively seeking answers to our Perkins 4.236 Marine Engine Mystery.  Today, we realized the extent of the problem and have potentially encountered a major delay in our cruising plans.  Major delay is probably an understatement as we already depleted a large amount of our cruising kitty already this year…

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Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair: Water in Oil

Background A few weeks ago before Hurricane Florence hit New Bern, we had a problem starting our Perkins 4.236 Engine.  The starter would barely turn over and then stop.  I’m learning, but I am not a good engine guy yet, but I am slowly learning how to do some basic Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair myself.  We had a friend look at it and they noticed that we had more oil on the dipstick than usual.  A LOT more. A couple of people looked at it and the proposal was given…

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