Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair: Raw Water Pump

Perkins 4.236 Marine Engine Raw Water Pump installation

I received a call from Chuck first thing this morning. He had been thinking about our engine and the possible locations where water could get into the crankcase.  Although the most obvious answer to the problem is a blown head gasket, Chuck made a recommendation to check our raw water pump.  By ruling out the raw water pump first, we could potentially avoid the costly head gasket replacement. What is a Raw Water Pump The raw water pump on Banjo is responsible for pulling sea water into the engine as…

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Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair: Water in Oil

Background A few weeks ago before Hurricane Florence hit New Bern, we had a problem starting our Perkins 4.236 Engine.  The starter would barely turn over and then stop.  I’m learning, but I am not a good engine guy yet, but I am slowly learning how to do some basic Perkins 4.236 Engine Repair myself.  We had a friend look at it and they noticed that we had more oil on the dipstick than usual.  A LOT more. A couple of people looked at it and the proposal was given…

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