Lifeline Netting Project on SV Banjo

Banjo Lifeline Netting Complete

Since we have two furry traveling companions that are still new to moving around deck, we decided to install lifeline netting. It has been on our project list for awhile now. Because of the time on the hook, I gathered the supplies from around the boat.  We ordered our lifeline netting from Sailrite.  It was a little more expensive than some of the competitors.  However, Sailrite claims it is UV treated; a claim none of the others made.  So it seemed like a good investment, especially if it would hold…

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Boat Pet Safety – Muster Your Pets!

Boat Pet Safety: Location, Location, Location When it comes to pet safety on boats, there are a myriad of topics to be considered, and, usually, we do pretty well.  One of the foremost lessons about people or pets aboard is that it is critical to know that everyone is safely aboard.  We learned an important lesson this morning to this regard. The Unexpected Phone Call Around 11:00 hours, we went down below into our stateroom to have some cuddle time.  We had been below for about 30 minutes when Shannon’s…

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