Post-Hurricane Michael Sunset

Tonight’s sunset literally had Shannon call me out of the rack to come see.  After being up all night on anchor watch during Hurricane Michael’s passage through North Carolina, and our visit by Chuck Courtney (EDIT: 2019Jun25 PLEASE SEE THIS POST FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS TECHNICIAN), I was beat tired.  Shannon was down cooking up some dinner and she hollered, “You have GOT to come see this!” Our first sunset since Hurricane Michael did not disappoint.  We have seen many spectacular sunsets since bringing Banjo to…

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Banjo’s Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday Last Thursday was a “Thirsty Thursday” kind of day aboard Banjo.  I suppose Thirsty Thursday can take many forms.  This Thirsty Thursday’s line up was a bath, about 100 gallons of water, wine AND champagne. Bath Time We started out the day with a bath for Banjo.  Since we knew we were planning on filling the water tank Shawn jumped in the dink and gave Banjo girl a much-needed bath.  So fresh, so clean, so happy! 100 Gallons of Water Although Banjo was a fresh, clean, and happy…

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Fiery Sunset at Anchor

Fiery Sunset

Last night provided an amazing fiery sunset at anchor.  In fact, it was one of the most captivating I have seen since we brought Banjo to New Bern.  Having made it through Hurricane Florence, I held a deep sense of gratitude.  Sitting on deck, the horizon was brilliant as if the anchorage sky was on fire.  Wanted to share the entire sequence.  It seemed as if the moment I turned my attention away, it changed again and again.  The sky kept sneaking up on me in completely different ways. After…

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2017 Thanksgiving Sunset Video New Bern

2017 Thanksgiving Sunset As promised, we wanted to share this spectacular sight with each of you.  This 2017 Thanksgiving Sunset Video was beautiful and reminded us of how fortunate we are and all we have to be grateful for.   Please forgive the quality of the audio.  We are still learning and working through the bugs of video production.  As mentioned in our pictures post about this particular sunset, we wanted to upload the video that went with it.  Pictures just did not capture the beauty of this majestic sunset.…

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2017 Thanksgiving Sunset in New Bern, NC

2017 Thanksgiving Sunset After we had helped clean up form the Bridgepoint Marina Thanksgiving Dinner, I was on the way back to Banjo for a much-needed rest.  Luckily, the timing was such that I was able to witness and capture this breathtaking 2017 Thanksgiving Sunset.  At first, the sky was a gentle pink and I noticed it due to a large raft of ducks crossing the Trent River.  The ducks drew my attention upwards, since, prior to seeing them, I was doing my best to remain conscious. Nature never fails…

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Red Sky At Night: Sunset November 6th 2017 New Bern, NC

Red Sky at night November 6 2017 New Bern NC

Red Sky At Night, Sailors Delight The old adage states “Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”  According to lore, this means when the sky is red at sunset, fair weather is on the way.  When the sky is red in morning, bad weather is coming.  I’ve heard this saying has something to do with atmospheric pressures and light refraction.  Whatever the cause, we find this to be the case more often than not. Regardless, the view from Banjo tonight was next-level spectacular.  I…

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