Happy 2017 Holiday Season!

Happy 2017 Holiday Season

From the people and pirate pups of SV Banjo, we wish you all a very happy 2017 holiday season!  This year has seen so many changes for our little Banjo family.  And we are grateful for all the support of our family and friends!

2017 led us to Banjo in Georgia, then to South Carolina and finally to North Carolina.  We said goodbye to one of the boat dogs, Obi, this year, which was a heartbreak.  Amidst the sadness of loss, however, we also met new friends!  Quite a bit of the year was spent in New Bern getting things fixed and riding out our first hot summer.  In that time, we got a chance to sail, and to get to know our “good girl” Banjo.  We are so eager and excited to see where Banjo leads us in 2018.

Shannon wishing a happy 2017 holiday season
Shawn wishing a happy 2017 holiday season
Sagira wishing a happy 2017 holiday season
Sagira and Venus wishing a happy 2017 holiday season
Venus wishing a happy 2017 holiday season
Now For A Shameless Plug

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One of our goals for the new year is to ramp up our creative juices and provide more articles, videos and posts.  We are so eager to share our story and our travels with you.  Thank you for following along!  It makes it fun to know people are actually watching and are interested in our journey.

Please consider following us, subscribing, liking and sharing our posts, becoming Patrons, or even just leaving comments.  It makes a world of difference to us!

Until next time, be good to each other and Be Blessed.

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