A Rainy but Happy Monday at the Marina

Rainy Monday Morning

Happy Rainy Monday It’s a rainy, but happy Monday here at the marina.  The rain has set in again today, but the Banjo crew are troopers! The girls aren’t thrilled about the rain.  Luckily, they don’t have to be out in it too much today. Quick walks to do their business, then back to being lazy boat dogs. Thank you Captain for taking them out this morning! Have a great day everyone and stay dry!   Be sure to check out our other posts, or connect with us on Facebook,…

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Week of 2018Jan15: Cold with Rain & Snow on the way, Sushi and Boat Projects

Week of 2018Jan15 We shared a nice weekend and enjoyed the week of 2018Jan15.  Temperatures started to drop last weekend, but were tolerable.  We had a few days of overcast and rain but today was rather nice.  It was chilly, but not frigid… except maybe this am due to the wind.  But as the weekend progressed, it warmed up nicely.  Standing water in the area is frozen each morning when we take the pups for a walk.  Usually, however, the ice is melted by lunchtime. Anchor Chain Arrives We placed…

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Chilly Temperatures: The Week After The Storm

Chilly Temperatures. Chilly? Cold! We spent the last seven days huddled below decks following the chilly temperatures of Bomb Cyclone Grayson.  We posted our preparation for the storm and the ice/snow it brought in this post.  Immediately following the storm, the temperatures seemed to hover in the mid-twenties at the marina.  The forecast, however, predicted that the temperatures for last weekend would be bitter.  They were.  We saw those mid-twenties plummet into single digits both Saturday and Sunday last.  Factoring in the wind chill, we experienced -4℉ (-20℃). Banjo Gets…

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Bomb Cyclone Grayson to hit U.S. East Coast… and Us

Storm Preparation: Bomb Cyclone Grayson It has been an interesting 48-hours.  We learned of a pressure system moving up the coast a few days ago, which seemed as if, to appear out of nowhere.  The name given this system was Bomb Cyclone Grayson, and potentially packed blizzard conditions combined with hurricane force winds.  By all accounts, this could be a very dangerous storm due to the freezing temperatures, and rapid atmospheric pressure drop.  Those pressures, potentially, could rival those of Hurricane Sandy.  There is an interesting article here describing some…

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Boat Pet Safety – Muster Your Pets!

Boat Pet Safety: Location, Location, Location When it comes to pet safety on boats, there are a myriad of topics to be considered, and, usually, we do pretty well.  One of the foremost lessons about people or pets aboard is that it is critical to know that everyone is safely aboard.  We learned an important lesson this morning to this regard. The Unexpected Phone Call Around 11:00 hours, we went down below into our stateroom to have some cuddle time.  We had been below for about 30 minutes when Shannon’s…

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Halloween Road Trip: its November already?!?!

Road trip to Charlotte NC

October FLEW by.  Seems like we were sweltering in the August and September heat and then all of a sudden, it was November.  We decided to take a Halloween Road Trip. Halloween Trip Shannon and I took a quick trip inland last to visit a few close friends for Halloween.  Neither of us planned to dress up this year because, as much as we LOVE Halloween, almost everything we had in the way of costumes was packed away in storage.  Bummer, but we were at least thankful to get to…

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