Boat Pet Safety – Muster Your Pets!

Boat Pet Safety: Location, Location, Location When it comes to pet safety on boats, there are a myriad of topics to be considered, and, usually, we do pretty well.  One of the foremost lessons about people or pets aboard is that it is critical to know that everyone is safely aboard.  We learned an important lesson this morning to this regard. The Unexpected Phone Call Around 11:00 hours, we went down below into our stateroom to have some cuddle time.  We had been below for about 30 minutes when Shannon’s…

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Halloween Road Trip: its November already?!?!

Road trip to Charlotte NC

October FLEW by.  Seems like we were sweltering in the August and September heat and then all of a sudden, it was November.  We decided to take a Halloween Road Trip. Halloween Trip Shannon and I took a quick trip inland last to visit a few close friends for Halloween.  Neither of us planned to dress up this year because, as much as we LOVE Halloween, almost everything we had in the way of costumes was packed away in storage.  Bummer, but we were at least thankful to get to…

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July-Aug 2017, sushi and Irma

Shannon driving Lil' Pick'N

July-Aug 2017 Sweltering heat and oppressive humidity makes for a challenging creative environment for blogging, or doing much of anything really besides hiding from the climate.  In this post we will share our experiences with July-Aug 2017, sushi and Irma.  We learned this lesson during the month of August here in New Bern, NC where, as the old saying goes, it wasn’t so much the heat but the humidity that made our days a struggle.  We did what we could to stay cool and endured very well with the pups…

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An Obi

Can’t Believe We Had To Say Goodbye I never thought I would miss him like this, but I do.  WE do.  Obi was a great puppy and, although a bit neurotic, he was SUCH a fantastic dog… such a great friend!  Recent events forced us to have to say goodbye to an old friend, Obi. We laid to rest Obi-Wan, on Friday past, and it literally broke the both of us.  Of all the pups, we assumed he would be the strongest and be the most able to adapt.  Due…

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Dog Days

Dog Days of Summer Some days are more trying than others.  These past few weeks in New Bern have been hot… and humid beyond what either Shannon or I are used to.  These are the dog days of summer.  We have had to make a conscious effort to slow down, to be more patient, and to take breaks.  We have discovered that the middle of the day is probably the worst time for us to attempt to conquer any boat project, unless it involves the water hose. Dog Days of…

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