Mantus Anchor Bridle with Chain Hook

New Equipment: Mantus Anchor Bridle with Chain Hook Back in January, we upgraded our anchor gypsy, chain and anchor.  We opted to go with an 85-lb galvanized Mantus Anchor, upgraded to 3/8″ Galvanized G-43 High-Test Chain from Defender, and the more beefy 3/8″ Chain-Wheel from Maxwell Marine.  After doing our boat inventory, we noticed that we could also really use an additional piece of equipment to assist us with anchoring and mooring.  That other piece of gear was on our wishlist for a number of months and we finally decided…

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Assembling and Installing Our New Mantus Anchor

Shawn and Our New Mantus Anchor installed on SV Banjo

Assembly and Installation of Our New Mantus Anchor A week ago, Shannon and I upgraded our anchor chain from 5/16″ G-43 High-Test to 3/8″ G-43 High-Test.  We also upgraded our windlass gypsy to the correct size for the new chain.  The only thing left was the anchor, and our ground tackle would be in great shape. It is finally the weekend and we have been eager all week to get our new Mantus Anchor, created and produced by Mantus Marine, assembled and installed aboard Banjo. We opted to purchase the…

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Froli Sleep System Review & Installation

Froli Sleep System Review This article is our Froli Sleep System Review and installation experience. During the winter storm last week, we discovered that cold-weather condensation is an issue in our cabin.  Afterwards, we got online and did some research to find ways other boaters have mitigated the problem.  One such solution, introduced by our friend, Lee on E’Toile De Mer, was the Froli Sleep System.  This nifty example of German Engineering is made up of a combination of inter-locking plastic base templates.  To each template, a molded plastic “spring”…

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