Mantus Anchor Bridle with Chain Hook

New Equipment: Mantus Anchor Bridle with Chain Hook

Back in January, we upgraded our anchor gypsy, chain and anchor.  We opted to go with an 85-lb galvanized Mantus Anchor, upgraded to 3/8″ Galvanized G-43 High-Test Chain from Defender, and the more beefy 3/8″ Chain-Wheel from Maxwell Marine.  After doing our boat inventory, we noticed that we could also really use an additional piece of equipment to assist us with anchoring and mooring.  That other piece of gear was on our wishlist for a number of months and we finally decided to go ahead with the purchase of a new universal Mantus Anchor Bridle.

We chose the medium size, which came complete with 3/4-inch three-strand twisted nylon with boat-side eye splices.  Each leg of the nylon line is 25-feet and are covered with sheathing to provide anti-chafe protection.  It also includes a 3/8-inch stainless steel chain hook, a 316LSS Stainless steel shackle, a 3/4-inch 316LSS Stainless steel thimble, and a mooring line carabiner.  Total cost is $300.

Why Do We Need A Bridle?

Since Banjo uses mostly chain for anchoring, we knew not to rely on the windlass to keep pressure on the chain when anchored.  Keeping the chain in the windlass would put unnecessary wear-and-tear on the windlass.  The gypsy would also be a metal to metal connection which could shorten the teeth life on the chain-wheel.   Secondly, as waves and wind strike the boat, the boat will tend to pull against the chain.  Since chain doesn’t stretch, the motion would result in an abrupt jerking and shocking motion felt throughout the boat.  Optimally what is desired is to have a solid connection of the chain to the boat.  But also to introduce something that provides a little stretch to reduce jarring or jerking.  The bridle reduces this shock.

Enter the Snubber

The way the Mantus Anchor Bridle works is that it is connected to one or two deck cleats, or to a bridle eye on the bow to “snub” the motion of the chain.  Banjo doesn’t have a bridle eye, but she does have forward deck cleats.  Since the connection to the boat is made with twisted nylon line, we get a little stretch.  This softens any ragged motion of the seas.  At the end of the nylon line a stainless steel chain-hook is attached, which provides a solid and reliable connection to the chain.  Best of both worlds.  The weight of the anchor chain is spread and transferred from the gypsy to the deck cleats.  This relieves the tension of the chain on the boat-side behind the chain-hook connection point.

Mantus Anchor Bridle


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