Bomb Cyclone Grayson to hit U.S. East Coast… and Us

Storm Preparation: Bomb Cyclone Grayson It has been an interesting 48-hours.  We learned of a pressure system moving up the coast a few days ago, which seemed as if, to appear out of nowhere.  The name given this system was Bomb Cyclone Grayson, and potentially packed blizzard conditions combined with hurricane force winds.  By all accounts, this could be a very dangerous storm due to the freezing temperatures, and rapid atmospheric pressure drop.  Those pressures, potentially, could rival those of Hurricane Sandy.  There is an interesting article here describing some…

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15 Dozen Cookies in the Galley


15 Dozen Cookies in the Galley So I thought it would be a great idea this holiday season to bake cookies to give to family and friends.  The only problem was I couldn’t pin down one flavor to bake, so I decided to make not one or two flavors, but five.  Little did I realize just how many cookies that would be.  So let’s see, that’s 5 different batches of cookies,  3 dozen cookies in each batch,  which equals 15 batches, for a grand total of 180 cookies baked right…

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