Banjo’s New Bottom: Day 2 – Boat Bottom Stripping

Boat Bottom Stripping

Thunderstorms set us back a few days, but we were able to make progress after the storms. Today, Crystal Coast Industrial Coatings, went into full force on our boat bottom stripping with recycled glass.  Johnny worked fast and did a great job, even working in the rain for a large portion of the day.  In the end, he was able to get our Banjo-girl all finished up and stripped.  Our epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint also arrived.  The plan is to apply 3 coats of the Bluewater Bottom Protect High Build Marine Epoxy Primer which required 7 gallons, and 3 coats of Bluewater Copper Pro SCX Boosted ablative bottom paint which required 4 additional gallons.  The bottom paint contains 67% copper and additional anti-slime Irgarol and is claimed to be an extremely effective bottom paint.


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boat bottom stripping with recycled glass

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  1. A lot of hard work, keep it up! Fair winds.

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