Hurricane Florence: Early Hours at BridgePointe Marina

Hurricane Florence

Although limited on time and resources, we wanted to get this video out.  Our hope was to show people exactly how fast storm surge can rise. During the initial hours of Hurricane Florence we witnessed several feet of rise over the course of a couple hours.  And those were the early hours.

Coupled with wind and rain and the conditions only got worse as the day and night wore on.

Please forgive the choppy editing.

Video Description

In an effort to assist and help our dock-master, several of us volunteered in the morning and afternoon at BridgePointe Marina in New Bern, NC.  Our goal was to help adjust lines to protect the boats and prevent damage. Also, it was important that no one be out on the docks alone.

Unfortunately, the storm proved to be too powerful.  Many boats and homes were destroyed due to flooding. Many people were displaced.  We had, at the time, no idea of how powerful the weather was going to be.  Yet, were just happy no one got hurt while out on the docks.  We were hopeful for no damage.  But those were the early hours.

Our hearts and prayers are with everyone who suffered loss during Hurricane Florence in New Bern and the southeast United States.  We have had feedback from some of our videos and posts.  Some people questioned our care and devotions to the boats.  It is important to remember that some people live aboard their boats.  To some people, their boat is their home.  While we hate for people to experience loss, we recognize loss in all forms.  Whether you live in a box or on a boat, your home is your home.

Hurricane Florence

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