Creative Floating and Sailing Aboard SV Hooligan

Creative Floating and Sailing On The Neuse River

We took a day sail with our friends from SV Hooligan to do some “Creative Floating.”  It has been a rough month at work, and both Shannon and I were ready for a little downtime.  So, our friends Cole and Tracy, along with their two pups, Nellie and Max, invited us out for a day on the river.  We gratefully accepted and shared a full day Creative Floating and sailing with them.

“Creative Floating” is a phrase coined by Cole to describe hanging out on the river, sails up, and no real agenda or destination.  Creative Floating and sailing is an extension of this philosophy where this practice is applied to a boat under sail.

We left out about 1100 (but it may have been about 1300, neither Shannon nor I can remember) and headed our of the marina.  From there, we traveled through the Cunningham Bridge and the under the Hwy 70 Bridge on our way out into the Neuse River.  Form there, we meandered for awhile before deciding to make a “drive-by” of the Northwest Creek Marina.  Afterwards, we made our way up the river and back to our marina.

The Video

So… after we returned and began looking at the footage from the day, we realized that our cameras had not recorded any audio.  We hope this won’t dissuade you from watching.  We substituted some songs in its place to make up for this deficit.  In the future, we will both make a concerted effort to be more aware of what the cameras are capturing.

This was our first full length, 12 minutes, video and we promise we will get better as time passes.

We hope you enjoy the video.  This should give a sense for what it is like to be on the water aboard a sailboat.  Most importantly, we hope you enjoy spending time creative floating and sailing with us.


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Creative Floating and Sailing aboard SV Hooligan
Creative Floating and Sailing aboard SV Hooligan

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