Why Sail? Why Not?

Both Shannon and I have been asked many times over the years why we would intentionally set out to become full-time cruisers.  Why travel by boat?  Why a sailboat?  I’ll defer to Shannon for her answer, but for me, there is something about traveling by boat that holds a deep mystery for me. There were seemingly endless occasions, being out at sea during a Med Cruise and, having not seen land in weeks, becoming so dazzled and enamored by the glistening reflections of sea far off into the horizon. Unceasing. Constant. Eternal.

Fond Memories

I remember staring up at the night sky, unpolluted from the light of land, and standing mesmerized at how brightly the sky sparkled from the myriad of stars that often go unnoticed aside from those who venture far away from the cities and the shore. It is a vivid recollection and a fond one.

There has always been a pull from the sea; an unbroken tether that forever calls me home to the salt-filled air and the motion of waves. A voice silently whispers of the cycles of the Earth, and of all nature, and of the rhythmic currents that ebb and flow carrying us forward, always making progress.

Why not?

Is there danger? Undoubtedly. But there is danger in even the most mundane tasks, such as riding your bicycle or driving a car. The argument could be made that there is danger lurking around every corner in our modern world. There is no joy like that of being completely free and self-sufficient. To be a citizen of the Earth and to go and to see as much of it for as long as there is breath in my lungs… yes, that is my goal. There is adventure and excitement, sure.  But most of all I crave the calm of endless days filled with memories made with those that I love.

There is salt that runs through my veins. There is fresh air, sunburn, margaritas and voyages to distant places on this new horizon. But most of all, there is the anticipation of awe that comes from experiencing the world as a free and inspired traveler, and sharing that journey with others.

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