2017 Thanksgiving Sunset in New Bern, NC

2017 Thanksgiving Sunset

After we had helped clean up form the Bridgepoint Marina Thanksgiving Dinner, I was on the way back to Banjo for a much-needed rest.  Luckily, the timing was such that I was able to witness and capture this breathtaking 2017 Thanksgiving Sunset.  At first, the sky was a gentle pink and I noticed it due to a large raft of ducks crossing the Trent River.  The ducks drew my attention upwards, since, prior to seeing them, I was doing my best to remain conscious.

Nature never fails to capture our attention.  Hence, this night was no exception.  The dock seemed to line with people that were captivated as the sky morphed from pastel colors into vibrant and deep hues.


Due to the beauty we witnessed, we will be cutting together and posting a video of this sunset on YouTube.  Keep and eye out for it!  It was truly watch-worthy.  We never edit our photos with Photoshop or other editing tools.  We prefer to let the beauty speak for itself.  This is exactly what our camera saw.  There was no comparison, however, to what was captured by our eyes.

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