Red Sky At Night: Sunset November 6th 2017 New Bern, NC

Red Sky at night November 6 2017 New Bern NC

Red Sky At Night, Sailors Delight The old adage states “Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”  According to lore, this means when the sky is red at sunset, fair weather is on the way.  When the sky is red in morning, bad weather is coming.  I’ve heard this saying has something to do with atmospheric pressures and light refraction.  Whatever the cause, we find this to be the case more often than not. Regardless, the view from Banjo tonight was next-level spectacular.  I…

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Dazzling Sunset Footage: November 2 2017 – New Bern NC

Sunset footage New Bern, NC at Bridgepoint Marina

Dazzling Sunset Footage I walked outside to capture this dazzling sunset footage, with the sunset already in progress.  November is already shaping up to be one of my favorite months.  The temperatures have decreased.  The constant summer thunderstorms have subsided.  To the west, the sun appeared larger than normal, and the moon was absolutely HUGE.  The sky continually changed colors  and was majestic.  This video footage is a mix of several scenes captured.  We hope you enjoy a bit of the calm that we experienced watching the scene unfold.  These…

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29 Seconds Overlooking the Trent River at Sunset

Sunset over the Trent River in New Bern, NC 2017-Nov-01

29 Seconds of sunset video footage Took this beautiful 29 seconds of sunset video footage tonight overlooking the Trent River in New Bern, NC.  The railroad trestle and bridge are visible in the foreground as well as the Trent River Bridge in the background.  The weather today was in the mid-70’s and perfect.  We don’t know about y’all, but we could watch this video on loop all night. The original video is much longer and we are limited to our upload size.  We added this and other videos to our…

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An Early Morning Reflection: Waking to the calm of boat life

Starboard port light

Random Early Morning I awoke early to the dim morning sky barely visible through our stateroom hatch and screen netting to a gentle bob and sway and the soft rhythmic flow of Shannon’s sleeping breath.  The feeling of an early morning reflection is looming.  A single walking star, visible only against the background that lightened from a deep blue to a powdery sky blue, reminds me of the turning of the world.  I watch until it fades into that background, surrounded and overpowered by the reflection of our radiant sun,…

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Anniversary 2017

Twelve Years Ago Today I want to take a moment of your busy day to wish my BEAUTIFUL BRIDE a most wonderful Happy Wedding Anniversary 2017. Today marks the 12th year in a row that this delicious Mermaid has chosen to be my bride.  Shannon and I have been together for 15 years (next March), but have shared a last name since 2005.  And I am still amazed that this exquisite woman hasn’t gotten sick of me yet.  I count myself as THE luckiest man to have been so blessed.…

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Finally Fall

Finally Fall: Life Aboard SV Banjo We have been hiding from the heat all summer and there has finally been a change in the air. Our days have been beautiful the past week and it is finally fall.  And we have even been able to leave the hatches and port-lights open during the day and night. We have engaged in a few new projects over the past month or so including the replacement of our house fresh-water pump diaphragm.  Also, we exercised our thru-hull valves, and did a fresh-water cycle…

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